What is the Tri-Screen Adapter?

The new Xebec Tri-Screen Adapter enables you to connect ANY laptop to the Tri-Screen 2 with just a single cable per screen. Simply download and install the free Displaylink driver, plug one end of the adapter into any standard USB-A port on your laptop and plug the other end into the Tri-Screen.

No more dongles required! Purchase the Tri-Screen Adapter here.

What's in the box?

        • Xebec Tri-Screen Adapter
        • USB-A to USB-C converter
        • DisplayLink Driver download & installation instructions

Do I need the Tri-Screen Adapter?

All M1 MacBook Pro models and M1 MacBook Air models, as well as M2 MacBook Pro models and M2 MacBook Air models, require the Tri-Screen Adapter. Any MacBook with a M1 Pro Chipset or M1 Max Chipset do not.
(Note that your MacBook model (Pro, Air, or Max) may not necessarily be indicative of whether or not it has the correct chip to require the Tri-Screen Adapter. To confirm what type of chip you have, from the Mac home screen, click the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner, then "About This Mac," then note the "Chip" referred to in the "Overview" tab.)
Laptops with one (or no) video ports will require the Tri-Screen Adapter for full functionality. See our handy reference chart below!
The Tri-Screen 2 requires TWO video capable ports:
* - while the Tri-Screen Adapter isn’t required when your laptop has HDMI ports we recommend using it for a more streamlined setup

Does my laptop’s USB-C port support display?

Not all USB-C ports support video output. To confirm whether your USB-C port supports DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 3/4, please search your laptop in the databases below.

These lists are not exhaustive of all laptops. If you believe your laptop supports video, but is not listed below please contact our Customer Support Team.


Purchase the Tri-Screen Adapter here.