Hi, I’m Alex Levine, CEO & founder of Xebec. I’m stoked to have you here.

Most of today’s workforce is stuck in the past — people stuffed into offices all working from the same physical location. But the workforce is changing, and it’s changing fast.

The modern workforce is mobile. Even before COVID-19 turned the workforce upside down and forced people to work from home, there were 60 million remote workers in the US alone. This isn’t just some small trend. We believe it’s not only here to stay, but is a better way to work.

It is our mission at Xebec to equip today’s professionals to be successful in the modern mobile workplace.


​We exist to empower you, a modern professional, to be productive in the modern and mobile workplace. Whether you're a software developer, accountant, management consultant, photographer, insurance underwriter, creator, financial analyst, salesperson, writer, marketer - the list goes on… we recognize that work and life is more transient these days and productivity should still accompany that.

We are a company founded by modern professionals building products for modern professionals. As a member of the Xebec family, you become a liberated professional who can live their fullest life without sacrificing their professional ambitions.​

Welcome to today's workplace. Welcome to Xebec.

The Origin

Working as a digital technology consultant, I was required to travel to client sites across the country on a weekly basis. As anyone who regularly travels for work knows, getting work done at the client site can be very difficult. Between the constant barrage of questions and endless meetings, I spent more time going from conference room to conference room, than getting productive work done. The reason behind the struggle was that I lacked the screen real estate I’d come to rely on in my home office and needed monitors for my laptop.

I tried standalone monitors, but they took too much time to set up and lacked the portability to go from room to room. I tried USB monitors, but they required additional desk space that I didn’t have.

The Origin

I felt there must be a better solution. So, in February of 2017, I went to work designing and building a prototype that would:

  • Allow me to have access to my monitors when and where I needed them
  • Include a removable mount that I could attach to my work laptop seamlessly - without causing any damage
  • Be compact and easy to travel with
  • Require zero additional work space, given the often crammed, shared desks at the client site

This is the origin of Xebec.

​Our tagline and motto at Xebec is “Free Yourself.” Free Yourself from the confines of a single, small screen. Free Yourself from power outlets and bulky equipment. Free Yourself from the traditional “office” and work where you want.

In this digital age, we are fortunate to have access to knowledge and information from virtually anywhere. The Xebec Tri-Screen was created to extend that freedom to your remote workstation. We are proud to introduce you to your laptop’s new favorite companion.


Alex Levine Co-Founder and CEO

Before starting Xebec, Alex worked as a Digital Technology Consultant at Accenture and as Technical Product Manager at Komply. Alex got his degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas.

Alex also serves as an executive for Myne Music Group, an independent music label in Austin, TX. He is a proud Texan, life long learner, and diehard Longhorn.

Trevor Russo Co-Founder and COO

Trevor worked as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte and as a Risk & Compliance Consultant at Protiviti in New York City, prior to starting Xebec. Trevor got his degree in Finance from The University of Texas.

After enjoying several years in the Big Apple, the warmer weather called Trevor back home to Austin where he can’t get enough of spending time on the lake and soaking up everything Texas has to offer.